Become a Spaidart member. What is Spaidart members?

We created a club of amateur, professional and art lovers so you can get added benefits.

What are those advantages?

  • Enter an annual raffle for a work valued at a minimum of 3000 euros.

  • Discount of the installments on the purchase of any SpaidartGallery work.

  • Personalized attention before the inaugurations.

  • Guaranteed discount when acquiring any artwork at Spaidart Gallery at any time.

Why Spaidart?

This way you are collaborating with the promotion of Art in Felanitx, Mallorca (Spain) and with the creation of the next Spaidart Foundation destined to non-profit artistic and social projects.

Interested? Just one click, send us your details and we will send you the documentation back home with the steps to follow

Take a look at the form and conditions

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