From 05th October till 31st of November

Mother and daughter joint this exhibition, playing with the mixture of figurative and inspired by Picasso with works of texture and color.

'The work of María Antonia Perelló is the expression of the folds of an enlightened soul. The soil and the mud are the beginning of the road. The search is helped by the effort and courage, and far from being dark and difficult, it becomes great and lucid. Strength and passion create the textures and colors transforming the flat and white canvas into a colored volume. Sculptured reliefs show more unexplored spirit, aware of its origin, advancing from the smallest, building the home, to the highest level, the one that sights the horizon . It is a work that beats and breathes in the earth's profiles, in the bluish bubbles and bloody rivers. "What a gift to contemplate and distinguish the nuances of deep red, to submerge in the vibrant blue, and discover, in each of the desert roses, the beauty that transmites the desolate landscape'

Teresa Leal

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