BEATRIZ CÁRCAMO · Black Landscapes

From 22nd of June till 7th of August

This exhibition revolves around the idea that a piece can work as a focus of contemplation and reflection, serving as a gateway to both the collective memory and the intimate.

The hidden side of human nature is introduced as a reason for introspection. All the feelings and abilities rejected by men, and banished in the shade, feed the hidden power of the dark side of human nature, so the shadow remains connected with the forgotten depths of the soul, with life and vitality.

This collection has been a process of observation and expression, of receiving and giving at the same time, of simultaneously looking inwards and outwards towards the observed and imagined world.

The artist works with the superposition of layers of matter, and stain, the range of colors is monochromatic and mixes materials such as lead, earth or palm bark.

Visit our artist catalogue here.

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