Visual artist

Naumburg, Germany. 1947

'I’ve been painting every since I can remember but my creative interest developed when I was about 16'. Art has followed Axel since his teenage years. Since his childhood he has been experimenting with colour and their compositions. He let his intuition have a free run, even when it was ‘only’ the staircase wall. There were two hearts beating in his breast: one for medicine, the other for Art. Early in his career he decided to focus on Medicine.
He moved to Mallorca on 2008 to concentrate fully on his painting. Inspiration and obsession are the sources of his creations. His unique paintings are the unmistakable footprint of his style of work. Over many years whilst exploring further techniques, he added sculpture to his spectrum. Axel Kentsch participated in various exhibitions in Germany and on Mallorca. In the ‘cult’ restaurant Viena, his permanent exhibition adds to the unique atmosphere. “A great picture will capture you and never let you go.”

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